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LEARN  TO THRIVE LIFE is a trauma informed care provider.  This agency was developed to provide a safe space for people to heal.   We don't ask,  "What's wrong with you?" We ask "What happened to you?" 

We know that 2 out of every 3 people have experienced a traumatic event as a child or an adult.  These experiences impact your relationships, your health, your spirit and your life.  Counseling helps people identify, understand and overcome barriers.   You are resilient and you can shift from surviving what has happened in your life to thriving - recognizing your strengths, healing and learning new life skills.



Paula Lupo MA LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor 


I have lived in Lake Havasu City for 26 years and I am passionate about providing services to bring hope and healing to the community.  


Alyssa Horton, MA

Associate Counselor

I was born and raised in Lake Havasu City and have a passion for our community's mental health. I enjoy listening to your stories and helping you discover the skills to overcome struggles.